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Rotational Viscometers and Rheometers

Since 1992, Maple Instruments has been serving the rheological community with sales, service, and training on most major brands of rheological equipment. We became a limited company in 1996 and, thanks to you, have been growing every year since. We are an ISO9001-2015 Certified Company - follow this link to download the Certificate (PDF). We offer the following services:


We are the distributors of the proRheo line of rheometers and viscometers in the US and Canada. In addition, we periodically have used and reconditioned instruments for sale from a variety of manufacturers, from Stress Rheometers to Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzers.


Service is where we got our start, and it's still our main focus today. Whether you have older rheometers that the manufacturers won't service anymore, or are tired of paying inflated service fees for your current equipment, we can help. We offer on demand service as well as service and maintenance contracts.


We offer a variety of courses and training classes geared to your specific needs. Whether you are looking for seminars on practical viscometry and rheology, or advanced courses on modeling and advanced rheological measurements, we can structure a course just for you.

Contract Testing

Too many samples to test? Unsure how to approach a new sample? Contract testing may be the answer. Maple Instruments maintains a fully stocked rheology lab, and we can run samples on controlled stress, controlled strain, or DMTA. Each test includes graphs showing test results and parameters, a written report, and all numerical test data.

* the trade marks are owned by Waters Corp and are used with permission.

Maple Instruments is an independent service provider for repair of products manufactured by the former Rheometrics Corporation, now owned by TA Instruments.

Maple Instruments Ltd has no association with TA Instruments. ..


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