Service for your Rheometrics* Instruments

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We specialize in most Rheometrics * instruments, both new and obsolete

Rheomat RM180

We maintain an extensive inventory of parts for the Rheomat RM180, and offer complete calibration and repair services.

Contraves LS30 and LS40

Maple Instruments can now provide service for your Contraves LS30 and LS40. Used extensively for bio- and hemorheology, service for these instruments was unavailable in the US and Canada until now.


Here's what we offer:


  • Power supplies
  • Circuit Boards (repairs or replacement)
  • Tooling/measuring geometry restoration (e.g. torsion rectangular, parallel plates, cone & plate)

Telephone / Web Support

Telephone support is available to any registered customer. A phone call can often determine power supply problems and can save you the cost of a service call by shipping the defective unit to us.



Some of the costliest service horror stories we encounter are often the result of inadequately trained staff. Damaged instrumentation and poor test data are the usual result of incorrect operating procedures.

Scheduled PM & C Contracts

Preventative Maintenance and Calibration (PM&C) contracts generally cover a complete 2-day service at six month intervals. They include the following:

  • Adjustment of instrument to factory specifications for accuracy, linearity, and precision
  • Certificate of conformance (complying with A2LA and ISO accreditation requirements)
  • Discounted parts
  • Insured and certified factory trained technicians
  • Telephone support assistance

To optimize a customer's investment in expensive and precision rheological instrumentation, we recommend a one or two day training course to familiarize new and existing operators on all aspects of a particular instrument. The results are less service costs and more reliable, consistent measurement data.

Emergency Service

Emergency service repairs are typically available on a 48-hour turnaround.

Temperature Calibration

Temperature Calibration is extremely important for older instruments that do not contain self-calibration, and where an accuracy of 0.5 - 0.1 C is needed.

We often find instruments that haven't been calibrated for years, and wonder how much the customer's out-of-spec readings may have affected the customer's end-product!

Call us / email us for a quote.

Service options include:

Annual Preventive Maintenance and Calibration
Replacement parts
Emergency repairs
On-site and in-house repair

* the trade marks are owned by Waters Corp and are used with permission.

Maple Instruments is an independent service provider for repair of products manufactured by the former Rheometrics Corporation, now owned by TA Instruments.

Maple Instruments Ltd has no association with TA Instruments.


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